photography series / installation

“Inventory” is a photographic chronology of a drastic change of the identity of “Sava Centar”. Built in Belgrade in 1977, this congress center, with its striking late-modernist architecture, was a vision of the future for the progressive, Non-Aligned, international Yugoslavia.

After the collapse of Yugoslavia in the nineties, this monumental building slowly became obsolete and run down. In 2022, it was privatised. During the commercial reconstruction which took place in 2022. and 2023, the original interior elements and the physical traces of the history and socio-political identity of Sava Centar were gradually removed. The photography series “Inventory” observes this erasure.

The photographs are exhibited with a video piece and a spatial installation, which consists of objects retrieved from “Sava Centar” during reconstruction - original elements of the space which were a part of the building since 1978. Through fragments of space and time, “Inventory” reconstructs the experience of this transient phase.

Installation view at U10 Art Space
80 x 100 cm prints / 25 x 37,5 cm prints / 2 objects