feature, 60 min – 2019 – co-directed with Linfeng Wu

Li works by night and sleeps by day; his roommate's rhythm is the opposite. In an underground housing, the two workers share the same bed, but never at the same time. Their brief encounters and the room they share form a temporary shelter, a home they will soon have to leave. The vast, growing city remains unexplored.


“From Tomorrow on, I Will” follows the daily rhythm of a migrant worker in Beijing. He left his hometown for the big city hoping for a better life, but like millions of migrant workers, he finds himself isolated in a repetitive working routine. Li sleeps in an underground housing, while the city above him changes, becomes newer, taller, further from his reach. The film is shot on real locations with a cast of non-professional actors.

selected festivals:

Berlinale Forum 2019
Viennale 2019
Mar del Plata 2019
Entrevues Belfort 2019
Thessaloniki FF 2019
FIRST Xining 2019
Zinebi 2019
Fukuoka 2020
New Horizons 2020
Frames of Representation - ICA London 2020


Jeonju IFF 2019 - Grand Prize
FIRST STEPS AWARD 2019 - German Film Academy
Best director award - Asian film festival Rome 2020
Alula Film Festival - Emerging Talent Award

directors: Ivan Marković and Linfeng Wu
writer: Ivan Marković co-writers: Linfeng Wu, Tanja Šljivar
producers: Nanslafu Films: Ivan Marković and Linfeng Wu
associate producers: Jelena Angelovski, Li Fang
cinematographer and editor: Ivan Marković
set designer: Zhou Gui
sound designer: Sum-Sum Shen
sound mixer: Jochen Jezussek
poster design: Marijana Radović
cast: Li Chuan, Wei Ruguang, Ruguang Wei

Excerpt viewable here.