experimental / documentary, 48 min - 2018

A vast complex of corridors, atriums and halls: a congress center made to host thousands now stands almost abandoned. Its architecture still communicates a former idea of the future, while the materials reveal its current state. Through their relentless effort, the maintenance workers shoulder the duty of restoring the space to what it was imagined to be. Their movements are repetitive, unison but also their own.

Sava Centar is a congress space completed in 1978. in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. It hosted hundreds of international meetings, including World Bank summits and a conference of the Non Aligned Movement. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, its capacities gradually became obsolete. At the time of the filming, it was awaiting a privatization and commercial reconstruction.

selected festivals:

Doclisboa 2018
FicArq 2018
VAFT - Video Art Festival Turku 2019
Cottbus IFF 2019
Beldocs IDF 2019
Marienbad Film Festival 2019
DokuFest Prizren 2019
ARKIPEL Jakarta 2019
IDF West Lake 2019


Beldocs 2019 - Best Documentary
DokuFest - Best Balkan Newcomer
ARKIPEL - Special Jury Mention